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Call the National crises line at ...

( 800-273-8255 )

Be a voulunteer learn how to see all the signs ..learn how to save a life 

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P. Rose Fawn sanctuary
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The P.Rose Fawn preserve and sancuary is a safe haven as well as   a birth right of the Mother doe that have been giving birth to there fawns every year there for the past 70 years  and its just a small piece of property but it's the last one for the deer in this area we are trying dili to raise the funds in the amount of 90,000 dollars to purchase it and turn it into a self sustaining safe deer preserve 501 c-3 non profit a beautiful spot wirh nice landscaping and benches for the ocassional observers and for the cal poly students to start a study program about the deer and there plight

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so please help with any amount of donation at facebook and gofundme patricia Rose foundation fawn preserve 

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\\we thak you for your help & generosity and would encourage you to come visit the preserve in Cambria California

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and listen to all the free new music at the word after you sign our guest book thank you all be safe ,social distance 6 feet and always have your mask on while in public we at the thank you

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