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Ask me and ill tell you

How she feels

Cause you know the pains so real

How long her heart is pain

Ill look to the sky

I can tell you that
somethings different THIS time

Ive been pushed to the limit

But never I walk to the line

Know one takes it to you till im dead

Wait and see its true

Ive been thinking about you

Thinking about you

And all the things that you do

Ill hand the world on a silver platter

And show the world that you're my friend

Will they drag you through the milky way

So far will you ride on a cloud in my mind

And I know you know its ok baby

Cause im roping the moon for you

And that what I will do

Rope the moon again in the morning

Just so I have to pass the time

And wactch it all slip by

I got some things in my mind

And we all turn upside down n

And everybody once to puSh me to the ground

Lately I found that you wanted it

Black jack heart ache im coming back

You can last tonight

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