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Stories and books by Howard L Johnson, 

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If you enjoy great lyrics your in the right place we are doing our best to provide all the lyrics possable for your reading pleasure by Howard Johnson at this point we have about 100 of his songs up and ready to read just click on song lyrics and youyr there 

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Howard Louis Johnson (the word king) born in Johnsondale, California.   He gravitated toward music by his own choice at the age of nine, with his first instrument being the banjo. In grammar school he played several instruments to include the upright bass, acoustic guitar, mandolin, viola, cello and violin. In his early teenager years he went on to be a drummer as well as continued mastering the craft as a guitarist.  After graduating high school he joined the Navy, stationed overseas on Midway Island he dedicated all of his spare time teaching others and songwriting.

With his passion for music and the founder of Rock for Youth, a non-profit organization. He continues donating much of his time and effort to providing musical instruments and lessons to underprivileged children.   His unconditional love of all styles of music, inspired by Jazz Guitarist D'Jango Reinhart, Al Dimiola, Les Paul,  amongst many others.   Recognized for his ability to write a song at the drop of a hat in any genre on any subject giving him his name as "The Word King". Whether he was walking by people at a bus stop, a local coffee shop, or in a park. He would play as many songs as anyone had time to listen to. Howard has written 1200+ songs. He has received several editors choice awards for his writing. His creative genius was not only that of a songwriter but for his prodigious talent as a composer.  Creating his own unique style, originality and sound as a guitarist there isn't anything that he can not play.  He is always up for the challenge but has yet to meet his match.

Music and Lyrics written by Howard L Johnson & Dawn Barker

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That feeling you get when you hear a old song that reminds you of a time in your life.

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