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Stories and books by Howard L Johnson, 


he was just 6 year's old
when his daddy left them alone

and his mama cried all through the night

she struggeled very hard

to make the best of there new start


it was the begining of there new life

living in a strange new town

with no one to help her around

and a family a million miles away


she held her babies tight

with word's that would comfort them each night

and said dont worry thing's will be fine


second verse.................


his big sister..she worked like a slave

to help pass the day's away

and it made it seem
like it would be alright


his little brother cried

it seemed like..most every night

 wondering ....

if his daddy was coming home




but..mama dont cryyyy... ..

when your all alone late at night

dry those tear's from your eye's

well be right by your side...


and we know it will all

work out alright

so mama please dont ....cryyyyyyy


third verse......


he was just a young sixteen

when he joind the military

thought it was the right thing to do

shipped him off oversea's

to a world he had never seen

he was scared almost every night


he dreamed about his family

and  what they all really meant

and he told his self

he would make it right


second chorus........


but mama dont cry

when you here those voice's late at night

dry those tear's from your eye's

 well alway's be right by your side


so mama please dont cry


In Loving Memory
Terry Lee Fink
06/03/1950 - 04/20/2009
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sept 9/30/34 -6/25/20

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