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The Word King

Artwork by Howard Johnson

Messed up cow & Magoogled  


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Standing in Line

After, Its Gone

After all the days have gone

After all the ways have turned around

you gotta be strong

hold on to what you believe

no one backing you up

you see you pay and you pay

and they take it away

hold on, be strong

it wont be long before

your time comes along

i got a letter in my mail box yesterday

my wifes attorney told me

that i  have to pay

it was more than anything i made

i lost my job last week

i had to fire my maid

im at the church again

standing in line

waiting on a sign from him

i forgot my prays

so i got out of line

and got back in it again

if your standing in line

waiting to redeem your sins

get out of line, think about it

and get back in again

fall in, fall out

the world they always

doubt a winner

fall in, fall out

will take you right back 

to the beginning again

just when you thought you had friends

so if your standing in line

waiting to redeem your sins

pray to saint peter

hes gonna let you in

cause according to the fifty times

ive been here ive gottin & go out

a million times- they wont let me in

so if your standing in line

waiting to redeem your sins

get out of line think about it

and do it again, god says

fall in, fall out

i cant hear you when you shout


In Loving Memory
Terry Lee Fink
06/03/1950 - 04/20/2009
My Best Friend

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from the 6th studio album
she's so fine

9 shot auto

my way

invisable heros 

best friend 

most beautiful girl in the world

right out of highschool


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