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The Word King

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The cats meow
Is licking cream up off the table
Were sipping cocktails on the rooftop

Its not stable


and then you push me down
Ill never touch the ground

you lift me up

you take me higher


i wish we had the time

we could run and play

id make you happy

every single day


ill put your feet back down

and you will never touch the ground

when we go up without a sound

you lift me up


you take me higher

across the dark black sky

over the dark black sky


you take me higher

than the rainbows in the sky

ill use the colors

just so I can slide


back to your heart again

on this rainy day

ill rope the sun for you

to shed some light your way

you lift me up

you take me higher

you lift me up

you take me higher

and higher and higher


look mommy up in the sky

its an airplane



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