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Artwork by Howard Johnson

Messed up cow & Magoogled  


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Abstract Art,stickers,clothing,much more ,Take a look
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Name: Darlene Mckensie
Date: 09/18/2009
Message: We saw you at the House of Blues that song was the best even though one of you broke a string my brother Zack thought it was cool how you just kept on playing you have new fan's from Florida.your web site is great thank's

Name: Mark & Tammy Donaldson
Date: 09/16/2009
Message: Very nice site we loved the song and were happy to find it through one of your link's Thank's I think every one can relate.

Name: Leskwyre♫
Date: 09/15/2009
Message: I always enjoy your music and just listened to Black and Bruised. The drums sound really crisp and tight. I especially enjoyed the keyboard arrangement. I can hear a lot of depth in your music. One of my favorite things I like when I hear music is a full sound that has a full, deep sound. This is the type of song I would expect to hear on the radio with huge #1 potential. Keep it up, man!

Name: Kevin Leeds
Date: 09/11/2009
Message: Howard, Pretty bad-ass website! Wishing you continued success, good luck and skill with your composing, performing and charitable activities. You da dude, dude. Kevin

Name: Linda
Date: 09/09/2009
Message: Your songs are awesome, Saw you play at the House of Blues - Nice Stuff

Name: carey bacca
Date: 09/07/2009
Message: thanks for the time your the greatest

Name: Eddie L
Date: 09/05/2009
Message: Great job at the cafe Howard looking forward to hearing more if you I will let you know the date's for the HOBLS

Name: Nick Reed
Date: 09/03/2009
Message: Dude, who needs radio or why havent I heard sh** like this on the radio-Nice Stuff Bro

Date: 09/02/2009
Message: you made me cry for all the right reason's and I laughed at the same time thank you and you look great if that's you on the cover.thanks

Name: steve smith
Date: 09/02/2009
Message: great job howie never for a second did I ever doubt you call me I miss playing guitar with you


In Loving Memory
Terry Lee Fink
06/03/1950 - 04/20/2009
My Best Friend

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from the 6th studio album
she's so fine

9 shot auto

my way

invisable heros 

best friend 

most beautiful girl in the world

right out of highschool


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