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Artwork by Howard Johnson

Messed up cow & Magoogled  


please help and donate, so we can teach more children and adults the bennifits of haveing, knowing, and keeping music in their lives  

making the world better for all of us here

find out the many different ways you can help in you comunity or for the world 

Abstract Art,stickers,clothing,much more ,Take a look
Abstract Art,stickers,clothing,much more ,Take a look
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Name: jon poole
Date: 09/02/2009
Message: this is the best music iv ever heard thank you howard

Name: Joe Sandler
Date: 08/28/2009
Message: Good words dude my band might be using a few of them thank's Joe

Name: abstactarthoj
Date: 08/26/2009
Message: super genuis

Name: jim golden
Date: 08/26/2009
Message: thanks for the great music its about time

Name: jim golden
Date: 08/23/2009
Message: me and the wife love your music keep it coming

Name: Diana
Date: 07/31/2009
Message: So much talent. Wow, impressing!

Name: Weets
Date: 07/20/2009
Message: Wow. I am so proud of you. I am glad you have finally found the peace in life you deserve. Love to you, always "My brutha from the same mutha"!

Name: chuck
Date: 07/12/2009
Message: great stuff keep the great work


In Loving Memory
Terry Lee Fink
06/03/1950 - 04/20/2009
My Best Friend

New releases coming soon

brand new tracks

from the 6th studio album
she's so fine

9 shot auto

my way

invisable heros 

best friend 

most beautiful girl in the world

right out of highschool


see how you can learn by volunteering Know the signs
The Humanity Project lets get involved click on links
Call the National crises line at ...

( 800-273-8255 )

Be a voulunteer learn how to see all the signs ..learn how to save a life