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Stories and books by Howard L Johnson, 

Monday, December 23 2019

That feeling you get when you hear a old song that reminds you of a time in your life.
Music theorist, have long known that it's the waves of sound created by all of the instruments known to man that travel in every direction known possible, such as the mass pounding crushing sound of  a, 16. 15 inch bass Wolfers, driven by a 400 watt tube head, it  can crush empty beer cans, blow the water vertically out of the drinking glass and put out the fire ........................................................................................If you're the lucky one. standing at the back of the arena, where these cabs are usually located, such as my self at the Cal Jam......................................... wanting to get all your monies worth of those... oh so sweet soundwaves full effect..?... well you just found out Vogners contribution in his never dying quest to project those sound waves to the back of the theater with no electric amplification at all so he built a bass 12 feet tall 5 feet wide played by two persons one stood on a chair and the bowman on the floor you will feel the vibration before you hear the sound ..and it worked ( pics at Wikipedia )Music is and has always been the only common denominator that blasts the universes atomic makeup into quadrillions of particles thus makeup everything we've know since the creation of all of the 198,000,000,000.000,000,000,000.000,000,000,000,000,000,000. universes out there because those waves are moving at the speed of light and gaining more speed every Mila second ,as they travel further and further away from us and our planet so far that will never see them aga  in they are off to create a brand new universe filled with galaxies galore, asteroids, meteorites., and who knows maybe in a third world concept there are two earths and four of you. you see these are the unknown things that captures the curiosity of all imagination after all the question have been poised it still leaves this .and that .is that if a baby.was born to complete silence and darkness never hearing a sound 0r seeing a thing in the two years after his birth you reveal light sound and objects to him (there is no and will be no imagination )..Conscious thought, cognitive skill, would be nonapparent, a blank sheet if you will that was liquid fed never knowing anything of touch or smell or felt feathers or a rock for two years no sound or light two years in darknes you let him out and hand him a pencil and a blank piece of paper and told the boy to draw picture. of space. ship. well first of all one could only imagine if he could draw with something he knew nothing about such as maybe he thought the paper was to wrap the pencil in  and that's wrong  as well he does not know what a pencil is or paper he is still getting his ass kick by that light and the sound  thing that just slapped him in the face forget the objects  you see he could do nothing at all the only traits picked up by animals inherently are those of survival eat sleep drink and that is of a machine like mentality  he has a blank hard drive and he just got walloped by the light let alone the pen and paper, lately there has been a tremendous amount of research put forth into the finding all the answers, the most familiar theory of all time, Einstein'stheory of relativity .. Brian Greene, Niel De Grassie Tyson, Michio Kaku,are using the wave signature of woodwind and string instruments to showcase a visualization of there theories as  a part of the never-ending sound entanglement thas takes place inside all instruments at any given time you have more radio waves rushing through your body in every direction possible 24 hours a day  enough to run  50,000 kilowatt radio station.This takes us to our final theory, question   And That is this ..... were did we get our ideas of what a space ship looks like ,where did these images appear from first because when you know absolutely nothing you can draw nothing did they come out of logical explanation from not so logical scientist to Astro theorist and religions,  or that it has been passed down through the ages,nope still can't be you see the first man didn't know paper or pencil either kinda like that fire thing they saw it first  say were did they get it from  ok you know like the first man just didn't pick up a rock and scratch saucer in to a cave wall it could have only been of sight,Seeing is believing its an agnostic approach but it is one that makes more sense than any other in my opinion, in speaking with ancient ATION Astro  theroist   DavidChilders, and of course Carl Sagan and George Norie .



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