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Artwork by Howard Johnson

Messed up cow & Magoogled  


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Stories and books by Howard L Johnson, 

Alicee Is still sleeping, A dophin story/ Donte & Della.1986,editor Steven Flnn, Kill Shot, Floral and the Butterfly, It's ok to be Different, Henry saves Halloween, Henry go's to Hawaii,Malbit Manor,Stickman Life

coffe table cartoon  book, poetry books, words from a primitive time released 1989, Suffering Sundays,released 2000 at with two other poetry books,natures window, Children play,  messed up cow series,  across the sea, on the farm, rehab co-op Messed up cow is the first LGBTQ  cartoon to reresent thier communitty in lite with then many friends created by the author,

ALBUMS 6  no#1 Genuine, Label,TWK,Producer, D.M. Barker / Gary King / Rick White, Engineer's released 1998,/ no# 1, 2, Honest Legs,& Long drive down the coast, Producers, Howard Johnson / D. m barker, engineers Howard Johnson / Chris Baird , released 2003,Label ,spitting Broomsticks,magoogled,TWK,  Bitching and Screaming,released 2004 Produced D. M. Barker / H l Johnson.. Not enough AMMO Lable Fairies are real productions,messed up cow,Producer's D.M.Barker /H.L.Johnson Engineers Howard Johnson / David Barret,, He's just disturbed released october 2019, 15 songs greatest hits album re -mastered by Howard Johnson Gus Graf president founder under ground chicken, spitting broomsticks, freak n loud, studios  produced by Dawn Michelle Barker,Howard Johnson, Ruth Graf, Emma Scarlett Graf , engineers ,Howard Johnson, Gus Graf, except on, Now that your gone, engineer pat maybrier /Maybrier studios/ Hobo Juntion,all songs were writen by Howard Louis Johnson copyright ASCAP/BMI 2014 / 501 -c3 no-profit,corperation  / founder Howard Louis Johnson, date orgainazation started 1987 state of califorina filing was January 25 2006

short stories that have been used in piublications / comercials, TV,Radio, Film, the intruder musicand storie by HL Johnson ,used by Cowdiung film ballie India and F dung film web site exclusivly, music has been used in one of the formats mentioned in 78 countries  see ASCAP report december 2018 

art work and Galleries ,under a lucerne sky /photography book by H l johnson collection of 45 amazing pics ,God wierd gallery showing of one of Mr Johnsons art work in many formats a collection of oil ,acrylic /water color/ pencil, oil ink, charcoal, a collectionof 15 works only twooriginals hve ever been sold first one to the drummer of tool Dan Ccarey titel hichcock drawing 8x11 ,for rock for youth donation of $ 3,500 2nd was 3''x24'' god wierd drawing no#1   $ 10,000  charitable donation  to RFY ,by Steve & Leshia Brown 


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  • In Loving Memory
    Terry Lee Fink
    06/03/1950 - 04/20/2009
    My Best Friend

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    from the 6th studio album
    she's so fine

    9 shot auto

    my way

    invisable heros 

    best friend 

    most beautiful girl in the world

    right out of highschool


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